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Rory Waterman의 “Nottingham Nocturm” 낭독 영상

Rory Waterman 시인과 함께 그의 작품 “Nottingham Nocturm” 낭독하는 영상

Choi Jeong Hwa

Extremely Introverted: a meeting with the author in Jeongjadong in 2017

I hosted a reading event by the writer Choi Jeong Hwa in the GoodDayBookshop in my neighborhood. My private bookclub and the bookshop invited her over the place and she talked about her books and life lived as a writer. Her novel A WHITE CITY TALE, published by Munhakdongne is going to be launched in US this year by Restlessbooks US. What a prescient writer she is!

< Choi Jeong Hwa in the middle in black shirt and I am sitting next to her in a flowery dress asking her questions>